USS Tower Lobby, Pittsburgh PA

The U.S Steel Tower is the tallest skyscraper in Pittsburgh and the fourth highest building in Pennsylvania. Completed in 1970, the tower has 64 floors and rises to a height of 841 ft. At the building’s entrance is a large, magnificent plaza that provides a beautiful and serene setting within the heart of Pittsburgh’s urban center. The building features an impressive glass lobby with a 50 foot ceiling situated above terrazzo floors and walls.

The new lobby is design by Daniel Ostfeld with the collaboration of Kolano Design for its construction finished in 2014. The lobby creates a new identity to the building; guided by the fact that is the U.S. Steel building, Daniel custom designs all the elements in an array of steel and metal materials.

The lobby has a new Starbucks stand with seating area, a new custom made security desk and turnstiles. In the private lobby area, Daniel has custom design and builds an outstanding lounge area with sculptures, orchid’s garden, and TV’s stand for the use of the tenants.

The new design stimulates the building’s tenants to use the lobby as a meeting point with the new technologies included. The lobby has an open Wi-Fi connection through its space, usb and charging stations in every table. The TV’s stands at the lounge area are accessible for the tenants use with laptop and tablet connections at selected areas, bringing the lobby to the 21st century.