Daniel Ostfeld

Daniel Ostfeld was born in Caracas Venezuela on April 8, 1981. As the son of an Architect, Daniel developed a keen aesthetic sense at a tender age and was surrounded for “as long as he can remember” with a variety of fine forms and compositions.

During his teenage years, Daniel discovered art as a “form of self-expression” and fell in love with the medium in all of its complex manifestations and representations. Daniel became an artist’s assistant to Samuel Varoni, a well-known Venezuelan artist, and aided Mr. Varoni in the development of the various pieces the artist was working at the time. While working under Mr. Varoni’s tutelage, Daniel carefully studied the complex techniques for developing paint pigments and an assortment of other indispensable skills and artistic procedures.

Daniel graduated from the Universidad Jose Maria Vargas in Caracas Venezuela in 2004 where he completed his formal training as an architect. During this period, Daniel participated in a Summer Symposium at the institute of Classical Architecture in New York.

The Study of Architecture, or as Daniel calls it “the greatest of all the arts” inspired him to explore and unleash artistic talents in a variety of fields. He immersed himself in photography, hand rendering, jewelry design, sculpture, painting, drawing and exploring the human scale. As a result of his creative journey, Daniel is discovering his own style and reclaiming his own understanding of the art world. It awakened his love for perfection and the importance of the human necessity.

In 2008, Daniel was awarded a Professional Masters of Architecture diploma from Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA. At Savannah Daniel met Huy Sinh Ngo, his hand-rendering professor, teaching him different techniques to represent spaces. In 2009, Daniel began working with Eva Roffe, where he learned the Old Master Techniques in oil paintings and drawings. Currently, Daniel is benefiting from a marvelous association with artist Casey Inch, his tutor and friend. Mr. Inch is an accomplished landscape artist and is teaching Daniel new techniques in oils and mediums.

Daniel lives in Manhattan and is working as an architect and artist. Daniel is following his dreams and, as always, eager to expand his knowledge and techniques.